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Raxford's Value School is 13 Years old established in the year 2004 with The principle objective to provide holistic development of the innate Potential of energy child, a life in which learning knowledge, citizenship, communal harmony Patriotism, and leadership are so combined as to produce everlasting joy and prosperity.

What constitutes a good School?
The simple answer to this is that our words should match our deeds our deeds are blameless, intensions sincere, vision far - sighted and objectives noble. We proudly invite you to visit our school and see for yourself. You be the judge !

Our Objectives
1- To help every child.
2-To realise his / her role in society.
3-To become an honourable citizen of the nation.
4-To seek respect and respect others.
5-To become a worthy member of the family.
6-To be able to effectively express himself / herself.
7-To imbibe Knowledge and put it into practise.
8-To understand the national global world.
9-To live and lit live others in  peace.

Mission & Vision

Motto of the School:-
Today's school for tomorrow's global leaders.

Our Mission & Vision
The school tries to maintain high standards of education. It aims to impart the values of the society to the students which are not being adhered to so as to become worthy Citizens of tomorrow.

1- When does the admission process start?
Ans-The process starts in the month of December's every year for pre-primary admission for other class are made is the month of April - June  based on the vacancies.
2-Can I admit my child in the middle of the year?
Ans-yes, if there are vacancies.
3-Does the school takes up any co-curricular activity?
Ans-Yes, in many fields and every, encourages is turn to interested students.
4-Does the school Conduct additional course?
Ans-Yes, the school conducts orientation programs and counselling sessions at regular intervals for both students and teachers.